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    We understand that your home is your biggest investment and knowing what company to use for home improvements &  removal can be a minefield and also quite stressful.

    All of our customers are important to us and we do everything we can to ensure the process is as stress-free and as easy as possible for you. We can go through a full quotation with you over the phone or we can send one of our representatives round to talk you through everything face to face, whatever is best for you.

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    Mr Gates – Liverpool

    Michaels team worked so hard in the bad weather and did a great job at tidying up after themselves, would recommend

    Mr & Mrs Jenkins – Surrey

    We chose the concrete gutter specialists over other companies because of their friendly approach and fair quote, there was no hard sell and the workmen were lovely and did a good job

    Mrs Herald – Bournemouth

    Great Job!

    John Speed – London

    Excellent work and a tidy job done, very pleased. Mr Speed

    Peterson Family

    We had 4 quotes and we chose CGS although they were not the cheapest they were not the most expensive either and they seemed to know what they were talking about. The work has been done to a high standard and our leaks have stopped

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    Upvc guttering services

    Why uPVC is a Better Choice Compared to Concrete Guttering

    Concrete gutters can be found on homes built between 1950-1960s. Concrete guttering was originally used as an economical alternative to steel, which was being used in the war effort. The gutters were originally sturdy and robust solutions to the steel shortage and worked well for a time. However, the gutters eventually began to create issues…
    Concrete gutter removal

    Why Gutter Maintenance Is So Vital

    Gutter maintenance is an essential part of keeping your gutters working correctly. Clogged gutters can trap moisture, dirt, ice, and other debris which makes them heavier and can lead to sagging. If left long enough, this can cause cracks and leaks in the roof which can stack up an expensive bill of repairs. Gutter maintenance…
    Upvc guttering installer

    Concrete Gutter Replacement Before Selling Your Home

    When moving into a new home perspective buyers will be eagle-eyed about all the tiny details. No one wants to move into a house with lots of damage or other issues you may have to fix after purchasing the home. Perspective home buyers will look for certain things to make sure their home is going…
    concrete guttering replacement specialists

    The Benefit of Removing Concrete Guttering for Winter

    Maintaining any gutter in the winter is important. Winter brings a lot more debris and more extreme weather conditions that can be hazardous. Because of this, cleaning the gutters can be incredibly important to maintaining gutter health and efficiency. Concrete gutters can be especially problematic in the wintertime as they often struggle to drain away…
    Finlock concrete guttering problems (2)

    Why Do Finlock Gutters Fail?

    Finlock gutters fail for many reasons, but the main issue with Finlock Gutters is their lack of reliability with water. Once the concrete expands, water can easily seep through and cause issues such as ‘puddling’ which is where water gathers and destroys the lining of the gutter. This can then result in sagging, leaks and…
    Finlock concrete guttering problems (2)

    Why Should I Replace My Finlock Concrete Gutters?

    Finlock concrete gutters are not the most common form of gutter, and in some parts of the UK can hardly be found at all. However, some areas of the UK will still have it. Put simply, Finlock guttering is concrete guttering.   Finlock guttering is mostly found on homes built between the 1950’s-1970’s and was…