Concrete Gutter Removal in Wiltshire

There are several factors to consider if you currently have concrete guttering in Wiltshire. You may have seen water leaking through a crack in the concrete and are looking for a gutter repair company in Wiltshire. This may even look like a cheaper alternative, at least in the short term, but there are some other factors you need to consider.

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What are the advantages of replacing concrete gutters?

Concrete guttering will need replacing eventually. Concrete gutters need to be upgraded to a more efficient and damage-resistant material. Depending on your needs, there is a solution for you.


Concrete is heavy, ugly, and a porous material. Concrete gutters don’t add any value or beauty to your home. In fact, they have a negative impact on your home. Their weight puts significant strain on the framework and as they slowly erode, parts of the gutter can come away and fall.


Our families are important to us, and our homes are designed to be a safe space for them. The last thing we would want is for harm to befall them. One more immediate event would be if the concrete gutters were to fall from the roof. The more insidious problem would be the damp in the walls. Mould can become airborne and get into the lungs.


If you are thinking of getting the gutters repaired to save some money, it will cost more in the long run. Re-lining the gutters can be a short term solution, but if the water has already made it into the gaps in the concrete, then it will be too late. It will be cheaper long-term to invest in alternate guttering such as uPVC.


What materials can be used for replacing your concrete gutters?


Probably the most common material used when a replacement is required, uPVC is usually the most cost-effective option of material. They are lightweight and sectioned for easy installation. uPVC is formed by heating up plastic powder and injected into moulds to form the right shape.


Due to its high level of corrosion resistance, and lighter weight for transportation and application, aluminium is a popular alternative to uPVC but can take longer to install.


Galvanised steel is another resistant material, and much stronger than uPVC, meaning it can withstand a lot more water without deformation. It can also come in multiple colour options but, like many metals, is a lot more expensive than uPVC


The most expensive option compared to the others mentioned. Although they don’t offer anything much more effective than steel or aluminium, they are very resistant to mildew and rotting.

Quality gutter replacements in Wiltshire are in high demand. What most want is the assurance that it will be done right the first time. CGS offers the stability of a large guttering company so we can offer a guarantee of work that some smaller companies cannot. With a turnover of over £3 million last year; we are one of the largest companies for replacing concrete guttering in the UK. Get in touch with us today to see how we can save yourself from unnecessary maintenance costs!

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