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Guttering is not the most glamourous aspect of homeownership; they are usually disregarded until there is a problem. Guttering and drainage can have devastating effects if they rupture or fail. Concrete gutters within Bedfordshire are a vestige of property construction that thankfully is no longer used. There are around 70,000 homes in the UK that had concrete gutters installed and are causing unnecessary gutter repairs. Bedfordshire is no exception and in the long run, it is much more cost-effective to look to concrete gutter replacement in Bedfordshire as opposed to gutter repairs.

Water ingress can weaken the structural integrity of the brickwork which would cost thousands of pounds more to repair. CGS are the country's largest concrete gutter replacement specialists, our concrete gutter replacement services come with a guarantee that most smaller contractors would not be able to offer.


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What issues do concrete gutters cause?


Concrete is not watertight; even the smallest amount of moisture can have a big impact. Condensation can cause dampness, and the weather can cause erosion. uPVC guttering can be a cost effective and simple way to protect your home. As a Bedfordshire concrete gutter replacement service, CGS will identify any damage caused by water damage.


The longer the concrete guttering is affected by the weather, the worse the damage will become. Causing parts to break away. There may be visible signs of the concrete gutters sinking which would stop water effectively being drained.


Lining the concrete

If you are thinking of companies that offer Gutter Repairs in the Bedfordshire area, you could opt to line the concrete gutters with a new coat of bitumen, this would stop any future water from getting into the guttering. This is only a plaster on a more serious issue, and you will need to replace the concrete guttering sooner rather than later.


What materials can be used for replacing your concrete gutters?


The most seen and used material, uPVC is usually the most affordable option of material. They are light and come in sections for easy installation. uPVC is formed by heating up plastic powder and injected into moulds to form the right shape.



For a high level of corrosion resistance, and lighter weight for transportation and application, aluminium is a popular alternative to uPVC. Purely based on appearance, aluminium has a distinctive appearance but can take longer to install. Furthermore, like many metal products, prices are skyrocketing making it more expensive.



Galvanised steel is another resistant material, and stronger than uPVC. It can also come in multiple colour options like uPVC. As with Aluminium, it is more expensive though.



The most expensive option compared to the others mentioned. Although they don’t offer much more effectiveness than steel or aluminium, they are very resistant to mildew and rotting.


CGS has the benefit of being a larger business than most offering concrete gutter replacements. With a turnover of £3 million last year, we can offer guarantees on all concrete guttering replacements as we are financially stable. We also have a dedicated department for customer service and sales so we can answer all queries you have. Contact us today for more information.

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