Concrete Gutter Replacement in Berkshire

Tens of thousands of homes across the UK are fitted with concrete gutters that were first installed between 1950 and the 1970s. Some of the concrete gutters are nearing 70 years old! Over this time, they will have been affected by the environment. Unless you have been performing some gutter repairs periodically during this time, then the concrete gutters will have sustained some damages. This will cause the gutters to leak and even cause damp on the interior walls.


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The Elements

The weather in the UK is well known to be cold and wet for most of the year. in 2020, according to reports, the UK experienced 170 days of rain! That means almost half the calendar year involved a rainy day. Concrete is not watertight due to the air bubbles created during production. Rainwater will find ways into those air pockets over time and create larger cavities in the concrete guttering.

Water ingress

Water has a habit of getting itself into places it really shouldn’t. Water causes certain materials to become damp, if left then it will cause damage. Concrete Gutter Replacement in Berkshire will stop building damage as long as it is done as soon as possible. Damp offers a breeding ground for mould and can grow and get onto your lungs, which can be problematic.


Sunken Guttering

Concrete is a heavy product and as the weathering takes effect, it will start to shift and move. When the guttering shifts too much it will sink and cause water to build up, causing more weight. If this isn’t resolved quickly, concrete could start falling from the roof!



If you are thinking of getting the gutters repaired to save some money, it will cost more in the long run. Re lining the gutters with bitumen can give another 20 years of water resistance, but if the water has already made it into the gaps in the concrete, then it will be too late. It will be cheaper long-term to invest in alternate guttering such as uPVC.


What materials can be used for replacing your concrete gutters?


What most people think of when looking at a concrete gutter replacement, uPVC is usually the most readily available type of material. They are light, affordable, and easier for installation.


Due to its high level of corrosion resistance, and lighter weight for transportation and application, aluminium is a popular alternative to uPVC however given recent price hikes on most metals, is more expensive.


Galvanised steel is another resistant material, and stronger than uPVC. It can also come in multiple colour options, just like uPVC. Once again, it is more expensive though.


The most expensive option compared to the others mentionedt. Although they don’t offer much more effectiveness than steel or aluminium, they are very resistant to mildew and rotting.


There are plenty of cheaper alternatives for companies offering concrete gutter replacements in and around Berkshire. One phrase we do hear from time to time is “we have received a quote cheaper elsewhere”. The process of removing concrete guttering from your roof is a complicated process that we have perfected to our own unique installation technique. If the guttering is not removed correctly then it could cost even more to rectify any issues. For instance, we have had a particular job in the past where the removal was not done correctly, and the customer paid more than £2500. Unfortunately for the client, the company that originally removed the concrete gutters did a very poor job and had seemingly vanished afterwards.

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