Concrete Gutter Replacement in Brighton

Concrete guttering was originally thought to be sturdy, but it has proven to be a failing system, which will need replacing eventually. Concrete Gutters need to be upgraded to a more efficient and damage-resistant material. Depending on your needs, there is a solution for you.


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Concrete gutters come with a handful of issues and add no additional value to your home. Their weight alone projects significant strain on the brickwork and as they slowly erode, parts of the gutter can come away and fall.

Bad guttering can have negative effects on the beauty of your home, as well as safety. Faulty gutters can cause lots of issues on the interior and exterior. Mould and dampness can grow due to gutter issues, becoming a potential problem for you and your family.

What is the process of the concrete gutter removal?


The first step in any project is to establish what already exists and how it can be rectified. Assessing what tools will be needed and prioritising health and safety throughout the concrete gutter removal.



After assessing the risks, next is to implement the necessary measures. A ladder will be too dangerous in almost all circumstances, so it is best to HSE approved access equipment.


Front section

The front section of concrete gutters is then removed by using a specialised cutting device to ensure that there is a solid capstone that is in line with the bricks.


Wall Plate

For increased stability and to provide a base for installing the new guttering, A strip of timber is placed as a wall plate and fixed to the existing wall with screws.



Fascias are then fixed to the wall plate and provide a perfect surface to fix gutter clips to which will ultimately hold your new gutters.

Gutters and down pipes

The penultimate stage, installing all the piping and guttering so it is lined up properly with the house and drains correctly.


As far as concrete gutter replacement companies in Brighton go, you can find cheap solutions. You may even have a quote cheaper with another company. The process of removing concrete guttering from your roof is complicated and we have perfected our own fine-tuned installation technique. If the guttering is removed incorrectly then it could cost even more to rectify any issues. We offer a guarantee of work and are confident in our ability to get it right the first time, or we come back and fix it.


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