Concrete Gutter Replacement Buckinghamshire

Staggeringly, houses with concrete gutters are littered all over the UK, and in Buckinghamshire specifically. The guttering around the house is a crucial part of protecting it from harm. Water is severely damaging if not drained away. Concrete gutters within Buckinghamshire are uncommon, but there are still tens of thousands of homes in the UK still using them. If water damages the brickwork or another part of the house, then it could cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to repair.


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What is the process of the concrete gutter removal?


First, we start every project by establishing what already exists and how it can be resolved. Assessing what is needed and prioritising health and safety throughout the concrete gutter removal. After assessing the risks, next is to implement the necessary measures. A ladder is risky in almost all circumstances, so it is best to set up scaffolding.

Front section

The front section of concrete gutters is removed by using a specialised tool. This ensures that there is a solid capstone that is in line with the wall and provides stability and a base for installing the new guttering. A strip of timber is placed as a wall plate and fixed to the existing wall with screws. It is not always needed but adding a layer of insulation will help prevent any cold areas revealed from the effect of removing the concrete gutters. After the wall plate, the fascia board is installed on top of the new timber face plate. Installed over the insulation, it provides an area to affix the new gutters in a sturdy way.


Gutters and down pipes

The penultimate stage, installing all the piping and guttering so it is lined up properly with the house and drains correctly


What are the advantages of replacing concrete gutters?

Maintenance and reapplying lining will only prolong the inevitable. Concrete Gutters in Buckinghamshire, need to be upgraded to a lighter and weather-resistant material. uPVC for example is a watertight material that is lighter and lasts a very long time. uPVC is also cheaper in regard to gutter repairs. uPVC is a more attractive material to look at, concrete has a cold grey colour that has a negative effect on the beauty of your home. If you need to replace your windows, concrete gutters will most likely be too heavy for the frames. Newer windows don’t come with the reinforcements necessary to stop the gutters from falling, which causes new windows to bow under the weight of the wet blocks of concrete.


When should you have a Concrete Gutter Replacement in Buckinghamshire?

When possible, you should act imminently; it will be cheaper than repairing damage caused by the concrete gutters. Once we are aware of the situation, we will work with you as efficiently as possible to provide the best solution. CGS will carry out any gutter replacement in the Buckinghamshire area to the highest standard.


CGS has the benefit of being a larger business than most offering concrete gutter replacements. With a turnover of £3 million last year, we can offer guarantees on all concrete guttering replacements as we are financially stable. We also have a dedicated department for customer service and sales so we can answer all queries you have. Contact us today for more information.

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