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Why would you need a Concrete Gutter Replacement Company in Dorset?

Houses with concrete gutters are located all over the UK, including in Dorset. The guttering around your home protects it from damage caused by the elements. Water causes damage when it isn’t drained away from the building. Guttering and drainage can have catastrophic effects if they rupture or fail. Concrete gutters within Dorset aren’t common, but there are still tens of thousands of homes in the UK with concrete gutters installed.  It is a more cost-effective option to look for a concrete gutter replacement in Dorset as opposed to gutter repairs.


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What issues do concrete gutters cause?


Concrete is porous; even the smallest amount of water can have an impact. Condensation causes damp and weathering causes erosion. uPVC guttering is a cost-effective and simple way to protect your home. As a Dorset concrete gutter replacement service, CGS will identify any damage caused by water damage.


As your concrete gutters start to age, they will become worn and damaged. Causing parts to crumble and fall away. If you see visible signs of the concrete gutters sinking, there will be water unable to drain away. In the most serious of scenarios the guttering would fall and cause harm.


Concrete lining

If you are thinking of repairing your concrete gutters, you could line the concrete gutters with a water-resistant material that would help for a time, but you will need to replace the concrete guttering at some point. Lead is a ductile and soft material that has high corrosive resistance to water. The maximum time lead remains effective is 20 years.


When should you have a Concrete Gutter Replacement in Dorset?

You should act fast; it will be cheaper than repairing damage caused by the concrete gutters. Once we know about your concrete gutters, we can find the right solution for you. CGS will carry out any gutter replacement in the Dorset area to the highest standard.


What are the advantages of replacing concrete gutters?

Concrete Gutter Replacement is going to happen at some point. Concrete Gutters in Dorset, need to be updated to a better material. UPVC for example is, lightweight, watertight, and much better with dealing with the weather. UPVC is also cheaper in regard to gutter repairs. UPVC is also nicer to look at, concrete has an industrial feel to it that detracts from the beauty of your home. Have you been looking at changing your windows? You will need to make sure they can support the weight of concrete gutters. Newer windows don’t come with the right reinforcements as standard and concrete gutters inevitably end up “falling” which causes even new windows to bow under the ever-increasing weight of the sodden blocks of concrete.


CGS has the benefit of being a larger business than most offering gutter replacements. With a turnover of £3 million last year, we can offer guarantees on all concrete guttering replacements as we are financially stable. We also have a dedicated department for customer service and sales so we can answer all queries you have. Contact us today for more information.


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