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Why should you consider concrete gutter replacement in East Sussex?

There has been evidence to suggest that guttering has been used for drainage since 3000BC. Removing water from a property helped maintain the building. Concrete gutters were mainly used due to a resource shortage just after World War 2 and are usually not thought of until there is a problem. Guttering and drainage can have detrimental effects if they rupture or fail. Concrete gutters are installed on thousands of homes, causing unnecessary gutter repairs in East Sussex. It will save you money, over time, to look to a concrete gutter replacement in East Sussex. Water can be devastating and would cost thousands to repair.


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Why do you need to have a full concrete Gutter Replacement in the East Sussex area?

The UK Weather

Concrete is very permeable, and water can easily settle in between the gaps in the concrete. As rain is common in the UK, it will flow into the gaps in the concrete guttering. Concrete was used due to a material shortage but has proven not to be effective long term, it needs to be replaced before it becomes an issue.


Cold water in the guttering will react with the warmer wall and damage the wall with damp and mould. If you are in the East Sussex area, a concrete gutter replacement will remove this issue, hopefully before it has begun. As mould spores are released into an environment, they can settle on your lungs, making you seriously ill.


Why should you replace instead of undergoing Gutter Repairs in East Sussex?

The sooner you contact a concrete gutter removal specialist in East Sussex, the less likely it is that there will be too much damage. The design of concrete gutters was inconsistent, they would have to be a few inches away from the house so water would easily leak. In the second World War, precious materials such as metals were being used in the war and therefore very scarce afterwards. Gutter Repairs in East Sussex could be a temporary solution by resealing the guttering, the problem with the sealant is it was also prone to cracking.

The main issue with the leaks is it can be very difficult to locate exactly where it is. A gutter replacement in East Sussex will be a good short-term fix, and if properly maintained, will extend the guttering’s life. CGS will carry out any Concrete Gutter Replacement in the East Sussex area to the highest standard at affordable prices.


CGS has the benefit of being a larger business than most offering gutter replacements. With a turnover of £3 million last year, we are offering a guarantee on all concrete guttering replacements that most can’t. We also have a dedicated department for customer service and sales so we can answer all queries you have. Contact us today for more information.

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