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Finlock Guttering

Astonishingly, houses with finlock gutters are all over the UK, including in Northamptonshire. The guttering around your home is one important part of protecting it from the elements. Water tends to cause damage if not drained away. Finlock gutters can have serious effects on your home if they are no longer effectively lined or leak. Finlock gutters within Northamptonshire are very rare, but there are still tens of thousands of houses in the UK that are still using them. It is safer and cheaper to look for a concrete gutter replacement in Northamptonshire, rather than opt for gutter repairs. If water damages your home, then it could cost thousands of pounds to repair.


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What issues do concrete gutters cause?

Finlock guttering is not a long-term solution for houses in the UK. The reason concrete guttering was used is because concrete was more cost-effective and readily available, compared to metal at the time they were built. If damp gets into the property, the superficial damage can be decorated over, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

Concrete Lining

If you are looking at companies that offer gutter repairs in Northamptonshire, you could line the concrete gutters with different materials that would help for a limited time, but your gutters will need replacing sooner rather than later.

When should you have a Concrete Gutter Replacement in Northamptonshire?

When possible, you should act as soon as possibel; it will be cheaper than repairing damage caused by the concrete gutters. Once we are aware of the situation, we will work with you as efficiently as possible to provide the best solution. CGS will carry out any concrete gutter replacement in the Northamptonshire area to the highest standard.


What are the advantages of replacing concrete gutters?

Concrete gutter removal will eventually become unavoidable. Concrete Gutters around West Midlands will need to be upgraded to a more resilient material. uPVC for example is a material that is both lighter and watertight. uPVC is also cheaper to repair. uPVC is a more attractive material to look at, concrete has a cold grey colour that has a negative effect on the beauty of your home. If you need to replace your windows, concrete gutters will most likely be too heavy for the frames. Newer windows don’t come with the reinforcements necessary to stop the gutters from falling. which causes new windows to bow under the weight of the wet blocks of concrete.


CGS has the benefit of being a larger business than most offering gutter replacements. With a turnover of £3 million last year, we can offer guarantees on all concrete guttering replacements. We also have a dedicated department for customer service and sales so we can answer any and all queries you have. Contact us today for more information.

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