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What are concrete gutters?

Finlock gutters, also referred to as concrete gutters, are installed around a building to move rain away from the brickwork. Concrete gutters are most commonly found on homes that were built between the 1950s and 1970s.

Why were concrete gutters used?

Concrete gutters were a necessity over the UK; tens of thousands of homes have them installed to this day. They were used as a cheaper alternative to cast iron gutters in home building due to the lack of steel. Concrete gutters were believed to be lower maintenance guttering in the West Yorkshire area and a larger portion of the UK. Regrettably, it is now clear that concrete gutters are inefficient and potentially dangerous. Gutter repairs in West Yorkshire could be a solution for yourself but CGS has experts that will help with looking at replacing the concrete gutters.

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How are they installed?

Concrete Finlock gutters are installed as two troughs lined up horizontal. One of the troughs is external and the other is placed up against the wall to cover the cavity. They usually range in size depending on application and the range is typically between 200mm and 250mm. They usually use reinforcement to keep them sturdy. This is done with iron rods and sealed with bitumen. Bitumen is a viscous material used in road surfacing and roofing due to its waterproofing nature and corrosion resistance.

What are the different problems that can arise from concrete guttering in West Yorkshire?

The Elements

The weather in the UK has a good chance of going from sunshine to downpour within minutes. Concrete is porous due to the cavities and air pockets which can cause issues. As the Bitumen lining starts to wear away after years of use, the water will get into these pockets. This causes the concrete to crack and potentially fall from the roof. This could also cause parts of the brickwork to come with it.


Water ingress

As the concrete becomes damaged over the years, the gap between the house and the gutter becomes exposed and water gets in. The damp settles in the walls and could costs thousands to repair if not caught early. Concrete Gutter Replacement in West Yorkshire will stop building damage if it is done as soon as possible. Damp also cultivates mould which is harmful if you have prolonged exposure to it.



What are the advantages of replacing concrete gutters?

Concrete Gutter Replacement is effectively going to become required the longer the concrete guttering is left unmaintained. Concrete Gutters in West Yorkshire, need to be swapped out to a lighter and long-lasting material.  uPVC for example is a lightweight material that is watertight and much better with dealing with the weather. uPVC is also cheaper in regards to gutter repairs.

Quality gutter replacements in West Yorkshire are in high demand. What most want is the assurance that it will be done right the first time. CGS offers the stability of a large guttering company so we can offer a guarantee of work that some smaller companies cannot. With a turnover of over £3 million last year; we are one of the largest companies for replacing concrete guttering in the UK. Get in touch with us today to see how we can save yourself from unnecessary maintenance costs!

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