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Tens of thousands of homes across the UK are fitted with concrete gutters that were first installed between 1950 and the 1970s. Some of the concrete gutters are nearing 70 years old! Over this time, they will have been affected by the environment. Unless you have been performing some gutter repairs periodically during this time, then the concrete gutters will have sustained some damages. This will cause the gutters to leak and even cause dampness on the interior walls.

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What is the process of the concrete gutter removal?


The first step in any project is to establish what already exists and how it can be rectified. Assessing what tools will be needed and prioritising health and safety throughout the concrete gutter removal.


After assessing the risks, the next is to implement the necessary measures. A ladder will be too dangerous in almost all circumstances, so it is best to erect scaffolding.

Tile removal

Some tiles will overhang from the roof, as to make sure the water was distributed to the concrete gutters. Some of these tiles may need to be removed in order to get to the gutters.


Front section

The front section of concrete gutters is then removed by using a specialised cutting device to ensure that there is a solid capstone that is in line with the bricks.


Wall plate

For increased stability and to provide a base for installing the new guttering, A strip of timber is placed as a wall plate and fixed to the existing wall with screws.



Insulation is not always needed but adding a layer of insulation will help prevent any cold areas revealed from the effect of removing the concrete gutters.


Fascia board

Like the wall plate, the fascia board is another piece of timber used as a backing board. Installed over the insulation, it provides an area to affix the new gutters in a sturdy way.


Gutters and down pipes

The penultimate stage, installing all the piping and guttering so it is lined up properly with the house and drains correctly.


Re-fit tiles

Finally, placing all the removed tiles back in place to leave a brand-new drainage system that looks like it was always there!


There are plenty of cheaper alternatives for companies offering concrete gutter replacements in and around Warwickshire. One phrase we do hear from time to time is “we have received a quote cheaper elsewhere”. The process of removing concrete guttering from your roof is a complicated process that we have perfected to our own unique installation technique.

If the concrete guttering is not removed correctly then it could cost even more to rectify any issues. For instance, we have had a particular job in the past where the removal was not done correctly, and the customer paid more than £2500. Unfortunately for the client, the company that originally removed the concrete gutters did a very poor job and had seemingly vanished afterwards.

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