Concrete Gutter Replacement

The Concrete Guttering Replacement Process


The concrete gutter replacement process first begins with the removal of the old Finlock concrete guttering. We will carefully assess and advise on the current condition of your guttering, including the state of the existing felt. If the guttering has been previously lined, we will remove this along with any faceplates, to make it easier for our teams to cut the concrete after.

If the property has an external soil pipe, we will take appropriate measures to ensure this doesn’t get in the way and make any adjustments to ensure it works well with the new guttering.

Existing downpipes are then removed, which can contain low-grade asbestos. Our fitters at Concrete Gutter Specialists are qualified experts in safely handling and disposing of this.

After this has been completed, the concrete blocks can be removed one at a time using a premium angle grinder with a diamond-tipped blade. Once they have finished there will be a level surface prepared for the replacement to be fitted.

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Replacement With uPVC Guttering

All of the uPVC materials we use are grade A and are designed to last long term without the risk of discolouration or warping. We do not take any shortcuts and ensure all our work is completed as if each was our own home.

To prevent cold bridging from occurring, we will install a treated timber faceplate.  This is then followed by a fascia board and soffit.


The fitters will then accurately line up the new uPVC guttering, ensuring adequate drainage to the new downpipes.

We pay careful attention when joining the new guttering to your neighbours and confidently join to uPVC and concrete with ease, ensuring a seamless transition between the two properties.


We Are Concrete Gutter Replacement Specialists

As concrete gutter replacement specialists, our extensive experience helps ensure your property is protected from moisture and dampness by receiving a fit-for-purpose, well-ventilated drainage solution.

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