Finlock Gutter Problems

Finlock gutters have proven to be a failing system, resulting in lots of homeowners struggling with their concrete gutters leaking, increased damp, and other serious issues.

Thousands of homes across the UK face the same troubles with their finlock concrete gutters and often continue to pay for consistent repairs. Our method is always the most cost-effective and efficient in the long term.

A Finlock gutter replacement can help resolve all concrete gutter problems. Removing and replacing the gutters with something more reliable, such as uPVC, can resolve all Finlock gutter problems, and save you from recurring repair costs. Removing and replacing concrete gutters is not an easy job and should always be performed by a specialist.

At CGS we have the experience and expertise to provide you with Finlock gutter solutions that will last, saving you money, time and hassle.

Why choose us?


We have over 20 years of industry experience and have seen countless concrete gutter problems. Our specialist team have a wealth of experience and understand the best ways to provide Finlock guttering solutions.

Furthermore, we understand that Finlock gutters are a failing system and always advise a Finlock gutter replacement. Whether your concrete gutters are leaking or causing damp, we will always establish the best method for a long term and economical solution.

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Concrete guttering issues

Concrete guttering can be found on properties built between 1950’s – 1970’s and was designed as a cost-effective alternative to steel, which was being heavily relied upon in the war effort. Unfortunately, over time they have proven to be unreliable with water and fail to do their job. This has led to expensive repairs for thousands of homeowners.

Lots of homeowners have repaired their gutters with lining solutions such as bitumen, aluminium, and rubber. Although this provides a short-term fix, the issues will always return due to the porousness of the concrete. The best way to guarantee that all the issues are gone for good is to have an entire concrete gutter replacement.

At Concrete Gutter Specialists, we always advise a fullgutter replacement as it is the best method for fixing all gutter issues long term. Additionally, consistent repair costs can become a frequent and unnecessary expense. Having a full gutter removal and replacement is one upfront cost for the reassurance of long term, functional gutters.

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concrete guttering replacement Before & after
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What our customers say

Mr Gates – Liverpool

Michaels team worked so hard in the bad weather and did a great job at tidying up after themselves, would recommend

Mr & Mrs Jenkins – Surrey

We chose the concrete gutter specialists over other companies because of their friendly approach and fair quote, there was no hard sell and the workmen were lovely and did a good job

Mrs Herald – Bournemouth

Great Job!

John Speed – London

Excellent work and a tidy job done, very pleased. Mr Speed

Peterson Family

We had 4 quotes and we chose CGS although they were not the cheapest they were not the most expensive either and they seemed to know what they were talking about. The work has been done to a high standard and our leaks have stopped

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    Common Problems & Issues

    Damp Inside/Outside:

    This is the most common concrete gutter problem. This issue will continue until the gutters are replaced with Upvc. Damp can be incredibly problematic for your home and your health and therefore any issues with dampness should be dealt with immediately.

    Bowed Windows:

    The concrete guttering on a standard semi-detached home can equate to almost a tonne in weight and quite often this overhanging weight can cause your window frames to bow.


    Almost every customer we carry out work for has had their concrete guttering lined between 2-4 times over the past 20 years, each time this ‘quick fix’ method has led to the issues returning and a reduction in the functionality of the repaired gutter. This ends in recurring repair costs and consistently broken concrete guttering.

    Cold/Thermal Bridging

    Cold and thermal bridging is caused by colder materials meeting warmer ones. It can result in the growth of damp and mould in and around your home, as well as being a major source of heat loss.


    Concrete gutters are also known as Finlock gutters. They are found on homes that were built between 1950s-1970s.

    Finlock gutters were used on houses built between 1950s-1970s. They were used as an alternative to other materials that were scarce because of the war effort.

    Finlock gutters can present many problems. Cold/thermal bridging, damp and mould, puddling, sagging and even destruction of the interior of your home. The main issue with concrete gutters is that they are porous, and water can cause them to break down over time. Not ideal for a gutter.

    You have a few options. You can either choose to line your gutters. Lining Finlock gutters makes them more water-resistant and can help minimise some of the issues with concrete guttering. Repairing the problems is only a short-term fix, it will not last forever, and a lot of the issues with concrete guttering will return until the gutters are entirely replaced.

    The most recommended option is to replace the Finlock gutters entirely. Full removal is the best way to eliminate most of the issues that concrete guttering brings. We can install modern, fit-for-purpose uPVC gutters that will be hassle-free and cost you much less in the long run to maintain.


    Replacing your concrete gutters with another, more trustworthy material such as uPVC can stop damp from occurring due to the concrete gutters. However, if you have mould from your Finlock gutters and then choose to get them replaced, it will take some time for the mould to go away.

    We can help. We would always recommend a Finlock gutter replacement rather than lining. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us and we can look at what is best for you.

    We understand you want to have a detailed idea of what is happening to your home, so we have explained our full process here.