Finlock Gutter Removal

What are Finlock Gutters?

Finlock Gutters are usually found in properties that were built in the 1950s to 60s, and are a guttering system made entirely of concrete blocks joined together. They were gradually phased out of use as they were not as durable as first thought with many drawbacks for homeowners.


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Finlock Gutters

Why Were Finlock Gutters Installed into Homes?

Finlock concrete gutters were installed as a replacement to the previous metal guttering systems. They offered a low-cost alternative to steel and metal guttering which was in short supply at the time.

Cavity constructed walls were becoming more common at the time, so it made sense as Finlock gutters served close to the top of cavity walls. They stopped being installed in the 70s as they were not fit for purpose and had a relatively short lifespan before failing and requiring repair.

The Finlock Guttering Process

Finlock concrete guttering was mainly designed by a company called Royston. Once the property was built, the concrete blocks for the guttering were placed on top. The mortar was then used to fix them in position and to fill the small gaps between the blocks.


Why Finlock Gutter Removal is Recommended

Finlock gutter removal is an option available to homeowners who are experiencing the many drawbacks concrete guttering brings today.

Poor workmanship on installation combined with the sheer weight of the concrete lead to an array of problems. With weather changes, joints in the Finlock guttering will move by expanding and contracting, therefore allowing water to penetrate the cavity wall. The main consequence of this is damp issues inside the property and making the internal temperature much colder.

The main problems we see are:

  • Flooding and leaking
  • Interior and exterior building damage
  • Damp and mould
  • Sagging and uneven appearance
  • Cold bridging & condensation



The Alternative to Finlock Concrete Gutters – uPVC

The modern alternative to Finlock concrete gutters is a full replacement with a uPVC system. By investing in Finlock gutter removal and replacing it with uPVC, it avoids the risk of expensive and permanent damage to your home.

Once successfully installed, they will stop leaks and damp caused by faulty joints and grouting. It also improves thermal efficiency and reduces the risk of condensation.

Short term repairs such as lining may help reduce some of the issues, but damp issues will likely remain and the Finlock guttering will gradually continue to lose strength and eventually fail again.

Finlock Guttering can contain asbestos and is extremely heavy, so if you go for a full Finlock gutter removal, a knowledgeable and experienced contractor such as CGS is required to safely remove and replace the old guttering.

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