Recent Finlock Guttering Solutions

You know what they say; “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

This has never been truer, and this is exactly why The Concrete Gutter Specialists have a portfolio of happy customers, which we are constantly adding to so that we can show off the work that we have done and that we are proud of.

This is not just a cherry-picked selection. If you would like to see more then just fill out the contact form and let us know, we would be happy to show you even more recent work and possibly even work that we have done in your area. After all, we are a nationwide company!

We are delighted to say that we have given all these houses much-needed facelifts. Let The Concrete Gutter Specialists give your house a facelift next.

As you can see from the pictures below 95% of customers opt for white square guttering. However, we can offer half round gutters and a variety of colours for your fascia, soffit, and guttering, including woodgrain effects to match any rosewood or light oak windows you may have.

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Finlock Guttering Solutions

Our well-trained fitters have been working in this industry for more than 20 years and our attention to detail is second to none. Our thorough and efficient work leaves our customers with a modern and fit-for-purpose guttering system that is hassle free.

Concrete Gutter Services - We Replace with uPVC

  • We install the finest quality uPVC products.
  • Our high-quality tradesmen will listen carefully to your requirements and any problems you may be facing. As well as advising you on whether you need a full finlock gutter replacement.
  • We will detach the existing finlock concrete gutter and follow industry standards and traditional methods when fixing your new roofline products.

Want amazing results like these?

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    FAQs - Concrete Guttering Services

    Concrete gutter replacement will vary in cost depending on the amount of work needed, but we offer very competitive prices. If you would like to know more, please contact us for a free quote.

    Our services are nationwide.

    We always advise concrete gutter replacement. Lining will not keep the problems away forever. The only way to resolve all the issues with your Finlock gutters is to remove and replace them. Repairs will only lead to problems returning. Replacement is the best method.

    Ultimately this depends on the scope of the works, what’s involved, what the access is like and is even dependant on the weather on the day. Our experienced teams do this work, day in, day out though and so work hard and effectively. All being well, we normally say they will get two sides done in 1-2 days. Our teams will never leave your house exposed to the elements.

    uPVC is an excellent choice for guttering, mainly due to it being extremely water resistant. It is extremely strong and avoids wear and tear. It shows less marks and scratches. It is incredibly light and easy to install, and it will not freeze or corrode over time. As well as this, it looks cleaner and more fitting to a home.

    We offer a variety of colours including woodgrain effect for your fascia, soffit, and guttering. Most of our customers opt for white square guttering, but we also offer half-round gutters available.

    We have our own method of Easi-Dec which is an access system similar to scaffolding but cheaper and less hassle for our customers, as we can bring that with us and take it away once we have finished the work.

    Yes, we have adopted a unique method that is hassle-free for your neighbours and is covered by our warranty. We are skilled at joining to both concrete and uPVC guttering.

    You will need to maintain your gutters no matter the material. Healthy gutters and downpipes are essential for efficient gutters. They can be clogged with moss and debris and therefore should be cleaned every few months, especially in the winter.

    We give a 10-year insurance backed warranty for your peace of mind with all our installations.

    This depends on the severity of the damp on your property. The affected surface needs time to dry out naturally, however, by removing the concrete gutters and replacing them with uPVC any surface that was experiencing damp as a result of Finlock gutters will no longer be exposed to it. Our customers normally start to see results within a few months, it helps if you can keep the area well ventilated.

    Yes, like any reputable company, we have Public Liability Insurance which covers anything up to value of five million pounds. Touch wood, we have never had to make a claim though!