Replacing Finlock Gutters With uPVC

Finlock Gutters

Finlock gutters are a system of guttering created from concrete. This type of guttering is usually found in houses that have been built between the 1950s and 1970s since they were used to replace the old cast iron guttering systems.

With the supply of steel being drastically low during that time, concrete was seen as low cost and durable.

How can Finlock gutters affect my property?

Over time, people came to the realisation that Finlock gutters did not have a good lifespan and were not as durable as it was at the beginning. If the lining fails because of the weather, the concrete inside starts to sag and potentially start absorbing water. This affects the flow of the rainwater when going through the gutters.

How to replace/remove Finlock gutters?

Our team of concrete gutter removal specialists can perform efficient concrete gutter replacements, which can remove the entire guttering system and replace it with the latest alternative.

Upvc guttering replacement Before & after (1)

What are the modern alternatives?

We install the finest quality uPVC products.

Our high-quality tradesmen will listen carefully to your requirements and any problems you may be facing. As well as advising you on whether you need a full finlock gutter replacement.

We will detach the existing finlock concrete gutter and follow industry standards and traditional methods when fixing your new roofline products.

uPVC Pipes and their uses

uPVC plumbing pipes are made of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. Which is a low maintenance and low-cost material that is generally used in buildings for distribution of water transfer in bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, lavatories etc. uPVC pipes are also utilised for water supply through tube wells and overhead tanks in complexes, houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, public places; for the transport of saltwater in industries or production lines in industries such as sugar and paper.

Let’s look at their many benefits more closely.

 Benefits of having your Finlock Concrete Gutter replaced with a uPVC guttering system:

  • Visually Appealing

The colour of your new guttering system will not fade.

  • Strong and Durable

uPVC pipes have high power strength which makes them a long-lasting solution for all sorts of plumbing needs. They are flexible and have excellent pliability which makes them perfectly suitable for handling during the long term cold and soggy British weather conditions. UPVC pipes are also rustproof and UV resistant – which along with their flexibility, makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

  • Non-Toxic

the uPVC material is entirely stable and non-reactive and can survive temperatures up to 60°C. This makes it a perfect standard for carrying potable and other types of water.

  • Easy to install and lightweight

uPVC pipes weigh a portion of the weight of metal pipes. This lightweight feature makes it simple to manage, transport and fix.

  • Leak-resistant

uPVC pipes come in varying lengths which make it simpler for construction workers to decrease the number of joints. This keeps chances of leakage to a minimum. It requires no welding or metalwork as joint fittings are attached.

  • Maximum Flow

uPVC pipes are smooth on the inside surface which reduces friction inside the pipe and guarantees free and fast flow of water.

Why Choose The Concrete Gutter Specialists?

Cutting away concrete guttering and replacing it with UPVC pipe is a professional job, so it is important to choose a company that is well qualified and experienced to safely fit.

Our well-trained fitters have been working in this industry for more than 20 years and our attention to detail is second to none.