The Process Of Replacing Concrete Guttering

Concrete guttering comes with a lot of issues for homeowners. Because of the gutters’ porousness, concrete gutters break down over their lifetime and cause lots of costly repairs for homeowners. As such, the best way to rectify this is to have a concrete gutter replacement for something more reliable, such as uPVC.


The Concrete Gutter Removal & Replacement Process


concrete gutter removal
1) The first step is to prepare the work area. This is done by pushing back the first/first two rows of tiles. From there, our fitters can evaluate the extent of the work needed and access if there are any issues with the lower roof.

2) The next step is to remove any lining that may be used in the gutters. If the gutters do have lining, the fitters will remove as much as possible in order to make the concrete easier to cut.

3) Next, the faceplates will need to be removed. Faceplates are only fitted to square gutters, so if you do not have square gutters, this step is not necessary.

4) If your property has an external soil pipe running through the concrete guttering, we will cut the pipe around a foot below the concrete gutters. After this, we will either fit it with a ventilation cap or extend the pipe around the newly fitted uPVC guttering.

5) For some properties, the downpipe may be made of asbestos and will need to be removed. If this is the case for your property, our trained and licensed fitters know how to dispose of the waste correctly. All the asbestos will be bagged, and it will be arranged for a licensed asbestos carrier to remove them.







6) The next step is to begin removing the concrete gutters. Our expert fitters use top of the range,

diamond-tipped tools such as an angle grinder to cut the gutters away. Once the gutters have been cut away, the surface beneath is cleaned thoroughly. The gutter cutting process produces a lot of dust and will need to be cleaned and prepped before continuing to the next step.

7) The next step is installing a treated timber faceplate. This is an important step and is often overlooked by other companies. Installing the faceplate provides a smooth surface to attach the fascia board to. It also allows for expansion and contraction of the remaining concrete blocks.

8) Once the timber faceplate is installed, the Upvc fascia and soffit boards can be installed.

9) The next step is EPS installation. This is a vital part of the process. EPS is a rigid plastic board that is designed to fit underneath the existing felt along the lowest section of the roof. Once it is fitted correctly, it ensures that moisture is directed into the gutter. EPS also works to make sure the loft space of your home receives adequate ventilation, drying out any damp that may be there already.

The EPS step is oven overlooked by other companies but is a pivotal step in our installation process for the best results.

10) Once we have fitted the gutters, a string line is used to position them correctly. Using this we will position the gutters with a tiny gradient, ensuring any water travels in the right direction on the minimum slope.

11) This is a crucial step to avoid damages and leaks from other gutters affecting your new gutters.




Finlock gutter close up view

Our expert fitters will install a stop plate at the point where the gutters meet. The first 12 inches (ish) of the adjoining gutter will be thoroughly cleaned and dried out. Next, your uPVC gutter will be firmly screwed to a template, cut into the top plate. Primer will then be applied to the uPVC and the first few inches of the adjoining guttering. A fixing agent will then be applied to the guttering, and once the fixing agent is set, it will be painted with a coating of fibreflex, creating a waterproof double layer that offers durable protection for years to come.

12) Once the installation is complete, our team will clean away all debris, waste, and mess, leaving your property in excellent condition. All waste will be bagged correctly and picked up for correct disposal.

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