Why Gutter Maintenance Is So Vital

Gutter maintenance is an essential part of keeping your gutters working correctly. Clogged gutters can trap moisture, dirt, ice, and other debris which makes them heavier and can lead to sagging. If left long enough, this can cause cracks and leaks in the roof which can stack up an expensive bill of repairs.

Gutter maintenance is essential to the longevity of your gutters. Badly maintained gutters will not only hinder the functionality of your gutters but also potentially result in damage to your property and costly repairs.

It is recommended that gutters be cleaned at least twice a year: in the spring and autumn. This is to ensure your gutters work correctly throughout the year.

For those with concrete gutters (otherwise known as Finlock gutters), gutter maintenance is essential. Finlock gutters are prone to breaking and tend to break down and lose their waterproof ability. This results in faulty gutters and other issues such as:

Lining failure

The expansion and contraction of the lining occur due to temperature changes. The changes can then lead to the separation of weaker points in the structure, especially at the junctions. Because of this, the gutters can potentially crack, which creates access points for water to enter. Lining failure is incredibly detrimental and concrete gutter removal should be considered immediately to rectify the issues.

Cold/thermal bridging

Cold/thermal bridging can be particularly irritating in all weather conditions and can affect your energy consumption and how well your home remains insulated.


If there is no adequate filling the gutters will begin to sag. Additionally, modern guttering is tilted to allow rainwater to run away and down the downpipe. Concrete guttering is usually installed flat, meaning the water will remain sat in the guttering and cause more damage over time. This can also cause sagging, and in some cases, collapse.

Damp and mould

One of the most common and troubling issues faced by homeowners can be concrete gutters causing damp. When water is left inside the guttering instead of being drained away it can cause issues such as mould growth and dampness. Both can be particularly bad in the winter months and have negative effects on the beauty of your home, as well as your health. Mould and damp will need correcting immediately and can return if the concrete gutters are not repaired efficiently.

Damage to interior

Water damage, mould and damp are huge issues. Through the growth of damp and mould, the wallpaper can begin to come away from the walls, water stains and damp can be seen, and paint can be ruined. All destroying the beauty of your home. Redecorating is essential to fix this but it can be a waste of time as the issues may return and cause further damage.

Concrete gutter removal


To avoid costly concrete gutter repair prices, you should take adequate care of your gutters to ensure they are cleaned and maintained regularly.

If you’re having recurring issues with your gutters, it may be beneficial to consider a concrete gutter replacement to ensure that you resolve all issues with Finlock guttering and have new, better-quality guttering. This will ensure all issues are completely fixed and your new gutters are cleaned and working correctly. From there, you can stay on top of gutter maintenance and hopefully not have to deal with costly repair costs.

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